Balanced Health for Fertility, Pregnancy, and the Postpartum Period

There is an increasing awareness that certain aspects of our modern lifestyles contribute to our health and well-being. Limiting our time sitting at desks, adding more exercise into our day, and eating the right foods are common recommendations from all health-related professionals.

headshotYet, optimal health blossoms when we are aligned in our movement, and when we move more often and in varied ways. Based on my years of studying and educating, I have developed a teaching style that aims at providing you with an education about your body and how you can thrive in order to conceive, in the unique period of pregnancy, or in recovery phase after pregnancy and giving birth.

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The 28-Day Cycle Model: Is it really providing insight into your health?

In this blog article I discuss what current research has to tell us about the biological reality of the menstrual cycle and how learning to chart the details of your cycle can inform you about your whole body cartoon makerкерамическая кастрюля купить москва